What do single Christians say about church

What should churches and church leaders do to be more welcoming to single worshippers? The results from the 3,000 single Christians who took part in our survey provided valuable qualitative and quantitative data on a range of issues. They include how churches react to singles, gender imbalances within congregations and differences between church denominations and types.


Single Christians: church experience

Do single people feel part of their church? What are the  differences between men and women attending? How do the differences compare, depending on age, as well as the denomination and types of church? You'll find the answers here.

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About the research

The ‘Singleness in the UK Church’ survey was conducted in 2012 by the online dating website Christian Connection.  This section explains who took part in the research and how the results were analysed.

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 Data files for download

In this section you will find downloadable pdfs which provide a summary of the answers to the questions, together with 9,500 comments.

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