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Valentine's Day on Premier Radio

26th February 2018

On Valentine’s Day our Campaign Manager Beth Collingridge went on Premier Radio to speak about singleness and the church. 

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An inspiring meeting with activists

11th December 2017

Every now and then you go to an event that moves you.  Meeting singles leaders at Janet Wolfe's annual gathering of her Christian Singles leaders Network was one of those.

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Looking for love? Keep an open mind!

19th October 2017

'I know the type I want to marry'.  My spiritual director urged me to look beyond my certainty.  She may come, he said, as a gift in an entirely different package. Years later he proved correct.  

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Big Brother winner Cameron on being single, Christian and living on an island

26th September 2017

We catch up with Big Brother winner Cameron Stout to discover where his faith has taken him in recent years, and how he makes the most of life as a single Christian 

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