Terms and conditions

We encourage people to use and re-use the data, statistical analyses and textual content analyses.

Every chart and graph also has a download button so that they can be saved for use in presentations.  These work well with some systems and not so well with others. Please free to do screen captures or request charts and graphs. 

The data files in PDF consist of the summary of the answers to questions, together with all the 9,500 comments. Readers reviewing the data are recommended to read how they were analysed in the Methodology section.

Our only request for those doing further analyses or using them in reports is to cite them in the following way: Pullinger DJ, 2014, Singleness in the UK Church www.singlefriendlychurch.com (and the date viewed). 

If you use any of the other material on this site, we would ask that you provide a link to the relevant section or articles.