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Singleness in the church: an introduction

What’s the big deal about single people, and why should church leaders be concerned about them? We bring you our beginner’s guide.

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A single friendly church

What makes a church single friendly? According to our research, it is when single people feel fully embraced by their church and their status is recognised in sermons and social events.  You can read more about this here, as well as what makes great church leaders.

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What do you say when...

How do you respond when someone asks you for advice on living life as a single Christian?  Perhaps they want guidance on dating and relationships, adopting as a single person, finding an affordable place to live or support in dealing with loneliness or illness. We don’t expect over-worked church leaders to have all the answers, especially when they are not readily available in the Bible, but this section will give you some tips that will enable you to offer encouragement and understanding.

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We offer talks, training and advice

Single people long to hear talks and sermons that address their situation, circumstances and issues.  We can help by offering talks, seminars and workshops. 

For church leaders we offer a training course that can be a single hour or last the whole day. 



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