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Singleness is on the rise

UK society is changing. 40% of adults are single – and this is increasing in every age group.

But single people often report feeling unwelcome in church.

We equip local churches to become places where single people feel fully welcome, included and valued.

How do we become a Single Friendly Church?

It’s easier than you think! We’ve identified 5 Steps churches can take to become more welcoming to single people. Complete these 5 Steps and appear on our map of Single Friendly Churches.

1. Who is single

2. Language

3. Welcome

4. Teaching

5. Leadership

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Who we are

Single Friendly Church want to see all churches become places where single people feel welcomed, valued and included. We were formed as a result of research commissioned by Christian Connection focusing on the experiences of single people in church. Findings from 3,000+ single Christians overwhelmingly highlighted common themes of people feeling excluded, hurt, isolated and unwelcome, to the point that some had left church altogether. We encourage churches to embrace 5 Steps to become a Single Friendly Church. 

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