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Our mission and history

We aim to help the church in the UK to become more single friendly. As part of our Single Friendly Church campaign, launched in 2016, we offer simple steps for church leaders to take to inspire and reach out to single people in their congregations, as well as providing advice to individuals on single living.

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Our Patrons, people and collaborations

Meet Single Friendly Church's patrons, founders Jackie Elton, Dr David Pullinger and Joff Williams along with our key collaborators. 

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In the news

Our research findings, highlighting how single worshippers felt ignored by their churches, made the headlines in both Christian and national media. Many reported on how singles felt that preference was given to married people in the congregation. We list some of them here.

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We welcome support and interest from everyone - single or not. Please indicate your support for single-friendly churches by signing up to our monthly newsletter. If you are looking for materials to share, we have a leaflet available for download. 


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