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Research into the numbers of single people in the church, their experiences, attitudes and behaviour has never been done before on any significant scale, which means that all of our findings are new.  As a result the various aspects of what we discovered were widely reported in Christian and national media. 

Unlike society generally, married couples make up the majority of people who attend Christian worship, which is why churches tend to be oriented around them. Many single people say they feel overlooked and not fully included.  And if you are looking for a life partner who shares the same faith, then this is relatively more difficult. It is even more challenging for single women, who outnumber the men considerably and who may never find a partner with whom to share their faith. Some of the articles recognise this and take a positive stance; others stay with the negative.  They make interesting reading.

The rest of this site focuses on the positive as we explore the way forward in hope, faith and seeking joy.

Below are examples of how the media covered our research findings and content:


  • BBC Radio 2: Living Alone Well with Hardeep Singh Kohli (21 Oct 2013)
    Part of Radio 2′s Faith in the World Week Hardeep Singh Kohli journeys across the UK meeting people of faith and asking the question does their religion help or hinder solo living? Dr David Pullinger shares his experience of being single in the church.
  • BBC Radio 4: Sunday Programme – Survey on Loneliness (20 Oct 2013)
    A new survey on loneliness suggests religious people may be more lonelier than those without a faith. Trevor Barnes considers whether the church’s focus on the family can alienate those who live alone.
  • Premier Radio: Interview with David Pullinger (25 April 2013)
    David Pullinger talks about the recent Christian Connection survey highlighting single people feel increasingly isolated in church on Premier Radio’s lunchtime news programme. 

National newspapers

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