We give talks

Single Friendly Church speakers can:

  • give talks
  • lead seminars
  • run workshops.

We particularly love speaking to church leaders and churches, but are equally happy to inspire single Christians. 

What we can cover

There are many perspectives in which we are able to approach singleness.  What we cover depends on what is requested. The following is a list of broad approaches, which can be selected or made more specific depending on your particular context.

On singleness —

  • singleness in the Bible
  • the change in society towards singleness
  • how individual Christians can thrive while they are single
  • myths about single people
  • the single person’s experience of church
  • what single people say they would most like from churches
  • how church leaders can reach out to and welcome in single people

Many single people would like to meet someone for marriage, so...  

We also cover dating —

  • the changed social context for dating today
  • how to get (back) into dating
  • ways that church leaders can support those who wish to date
  • online dating - why it works, how to make it work well
  • building relationships

Previous talks

In the past few years we have spoken at/to the following:

  • Church of England Diocesan Synod - covering people’s experience of church and how leaders can help include and integrate single people into their communities of faith
  • Greenbelt Christian Festival - introducing the major change towards singleness in society and how the church could respond.
  • New Wine - covering singleness from the Biblical perspective and contrasting it with the experience of single people in the church
  • Christian Medical Fellowship Junior Doctors Conference
  • A series of 3 public talks for Christian Connection - describing the research results from the first major survey of single Christians
  • Church leader symposia run by MCMP-Engage
  • Spring Harvest - we set up their Singles Stream, talking about thriving as a single in the mornings, and dating in the afternoons.
  • Single Christian gatherings (Bedford 2016)
  • Singles group leaders gatherings, for example Christian Singles Leaders Network (2015) and Honoured (2018)
  • Individual churches, for example Grosvenor Baptist Church (2018)