Surviving family-focussed times

This section covers those times of the year that single Christians tell us that they can feel most lonely.  Through the year, they cover Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, going on holiday, attending Christian Festivals and Christmas.

Single on Valentine's Day?

Some single people barely register Valentine’s Day. For others, this celebration of romance, can serve as a painful reminder that you’re not in a relationship.

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Dreading Mothering Sunday?   

Mothering Sunday can be painful for those who long to have children, or have had to let go of their dream of being a parent. We suggest ways to make it a little easier…

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Holiday happily as a single person

For many, the prospect of going on holiday alone feels more like a punishment than a treat, so many don't bother. It doesn’t have to be like that...

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10 tips for doing Christian Festivals on your own

Easy for some in groups or friends, but hard for others who sometimes find their church families veer towards children activities.  Here are some top tips for how to get the best out of your stay.

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Lonely at Christmas?

Many singles struggle with loneliness. For some, Christmas offers blessed relief from the solitude, as they get to spend a few days with family and relatives. For others, it’s the loneliest time of the year... here are some ideas for you to explore.

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