Single on Valentine's Day?

13th February 2023

Some people enjoy Valentine's Day, others aren't bothered about it at all. But for some who are single it can be a difficult day – especially if you have longed for a romantic relationship for many years, or have recently become single again.

With the rise of alternative celebrations like Galentine's and Palentine's Day, February 14th doesn't have to just be about romantic love! If you struggle with Valentine’s Day, the best approach may be to shape the day into something positive for you. Check out our top tips - based on suggestions from single individuals.

“I love Valentine's Day, and I've only ever spent two in a relationship. I use it as an excuse to celebrate the people I care about. We all have love in our lives in some form, whether it's a girly night in, a meal with friends, calling my siblings, or writing a card full of words of affirmation for someone. I don't think you should miss out on the fun just because you aren't dating!” – Anon

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