A Single Friendly Church Audit

11th June 2020

How single friendly is your church? Run our audit and find out!

After talking with church leaders across the country, we've created a simple audit to guide churches through the process of becoming a single-friendly church. The audit will enable leaders to identify the positive things they are already doing to include and empower single people, and specific areas for improvement.

The audit is based on our '5 Steps to becoming a Single Friendly Church’, a resource that identifies 5 five areas of change needed in a church context. The audit guides leaders through these areas of church life and helps give an overview of how single-friendly their church currently is, and areas where immediate and long-term changes could be made.

When a church completes the audit and commits to making positive changes, we will invite them to join our upcoming map of single friendly churches in the UK. We hope that by carrying out the audit and implementing changes, over time participating churches will become fully inclusive and welcoming to single people of all ages and circumstances.

Would your church be interested in trialling this audit? We're looking for enthusiastic leaders willing to test this out in their church.

Under lockdown many ways in which churches operate have had to change, but if you have the time, it may be the perfect opportunity to reflect on what you have done well in the past, and what to do differently when you are able to gather again as a church. There is no set deadline for completing the audit, so churches can work at their own pace alongside other commitments.

If your church would be interested in taking part, please get in touch.