Mothering Sunday...

12th March 2017

Mothering Sunday can be a mixed blessing – a celebration of good things, but a painful experience for many. Catherine Francis has written two articles, one for individuals and one for church leaders to help navigate this tricky event. 

I always enjoyed the springtime positivity of Mothering Sunday services. But then, I always assumed I’d be a mother one day. After my own mother died when I was in my 20s, and time began to run out for me to have children, the day took on a darker complexion.

At church, the focus was strongly on families – all year round! Mothering Sunday really rubbed it in, with flowers handed out to all the mums while the rest of us watched. I had to stop going to services in the end. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to celebrate mothers and all they give, but I don’t know what hurt more – contemplating the children I didn’t have, or the mother I didn’t have.

At my current church, I learned things can be done better. Mothering Sunday services celebrate mothers while also acknowledging the pain of those who don’t have children. We also remember our own mothers – good and bad, living and departed.

I hope the ideas in these articles will encourage churches to think more broadly about Mothering Sunday, and help singles get through an often difficult day…

Catherine Francis 12 March 2017