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Be social: local groups and events

When single Christians meet and make friends with those who are in a similar situation they feel more supported and have greater well-being. There are many events and organisations around the UK for single Christians – from informal meetups and cultural outings to walking groups and holidays. Most are inter-denominational and cover a wide age range. Whatever your interest, you will find a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere. Check out the events here and, if you are inspired to set up a group of your own, we show you how.

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Single living: how to thrive and flourish

This section covers living.  Not all of it!  But a wide range of various aspects of being single - from tackling loneliness to practical matters such as housing and finance. Guidance on adopting and fostering as a single person is included, as well as increasing your well-being as a positive step to take if wanting to find a life partner or if you wish to stay single..

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Surviving family-focussed times

There are certain times of the year that single Christians tell us that they can feel most lonely.  Through the year, they cover Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, going on holiday, attending Christian Festivals and Christmas.  We have separate articles on each of these, giving ideas and suggestions to try out.

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Dating for the first time or again

Interested in finding a partner for life? We cover only a few specific issues, such as why dating is changing, online dating, how to begin to date again. If you want more, then we recommend the Christian Connection blog.  You don’t need to sign in for this and there are excellent writers with stimulating ideas. A great list of resources that others have found helpful can be found on the Engage-MCMP website.


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Christian teaching about singleness

Because life was very different in Jesus’ time – most people married in their late teens and lived and worked as part of a self-supporting extended family – there’s little in the way of ready resources in the Bible for today’s single Christians to draw on. Therefore we have to determine how to live as single people from the overall story.  Here we offer some perspectives, as well as links to those of others, to give some space for fresh thinking.

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