Teaching about singleness

Life was very different in Jesus’ time.  Most people married in their late teens and lived and worked as part of a self-supporting extended family.   So there’s little in the way of ready resources in the Bible for today’s single Christians to draw upon.

In this context there are a number of approaches that can be taken:

  • The overall story: Determining how to live as single people from the overall story of God's love for us as expressed through the Bible.
  • Key issues: Taking the key issues that single people say they face and thinking Christianly about them.
  • Personal stories of how single people experience God and leads them on in their faith.

In this section we have:

David Pullinger's talks at New Wine 2017 which looks at the overall thrust of the messages in the Bible about single people.

David Pullinger's talk in North Devon in 2018 which tackles the top issues being faced by single people and relating them to Biblical themes.

You will find personal stories in all the articles throughout the website that tell of courage, hope and joy found in many different situations.

V N Sinton's article from the conservative IVP's New Dictionary of Christian Ethics and Pastoral Theology, was hugely influential and been used by many writers. 

In answer to a question that was asked of us, there is a short history of how some denominations recognise marriage as being a sacrament and others do not.

Finally we have a list of books and articles which friends have told us that they find useful.