Become a Single Friendly Church

Why should we become a Single Friendly Church?

Singleness is increasing in the UK

40% of UK adults are single, and this number is rising.

Single includes all ages and circumstances

Half of all single people are aged over 37.5 years.

There are many different types of single people who have different needs.

Many churches are family-focussed

Single people report feeling unwelcome, overlooked or misunderstood in family-focussed churches. We believe that church should be for everyone, regardless of marital status.

5 Steps to becoming Single Friendly

Simple changes in 5 key areas can make a big difference to a single person's experience of church. Check out our 5 Steps to becoming a Single Friendly Church.

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Resources for church leaders

We have lots of additional resources for church leaders, including guidance on pastoral care and ideas for seasonal services.

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All these churches have completed our 5 Steps and committed to welcoming, valuing and including single people.

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