Local groups

Joining a local group can be a rewarding way for single Christians to forge new friendships and relationships.

It is actually more important than that.  It has been found that Christian adults who regularly meet with others get a big pickup in health - both psychological through socialising and physiological through the presence of others. But we found that single Christians don't socialise that much - they are busy and have so much to do without necessarily that much support.  We want to urge you to be social on a regular basis, as well as attending events, big festivals and holidays!

That's why we want to list the local groups, tell you about how you could set one up (and check if you are the right person) and inspire you with two stories of leaders who have done this.

Some local groups are orientated around one church or a group of churches, while others are independent. Some are part of a national organisation, others started and remained local. All have different characters and activities.  We recommend you check out any you are thinking of attending and get in touch with the organiser. 


So in this section we: