Christian Connection Meetups

Christian Connection is the UK's leading online Christian dating site, but they also offer a 'meetups' service that allows members to plan, promote and host events for other Christian Connection members. Meetups are a great way to find like-minded single Christians to do things with. And they're free!

What is a meetup?

Meetups are free social events organised in public places and run by members of the Christian Connection community, which take place across the UK. Past meetups organised by individuals have included walks, evening meals and pub lunches, trips to visit new churches, bowling trips and social drinks. No charge is made to join in, although of course there may well be a cost for activities or meals just as usual.

Using Christian Connection meetups.

You will need to be a member of Christian Connection to set up or participate in a meetup. It is free to join and you will receive a free trial on the website. Once your trial has expired, you can remain as a 'Profile member' on the site for free. You can read more about membership on Christian Connection here.

If you don't wish to use the online dating features, you can hide your profile from other members, and still keep access to the site. You can hide your profile under Account Settings > Privacy.

Once you've signed up you can join in what other single Christians are planning or plan your own meetup and let others know you'd like company

Joining in a meetup organised by someone

You can see all upcoming meetups here on the Christian Connection website - you will need to log in or sign up first.  They are also listed in a weekly review email, which goes out to all Christian Connection members.

Once you look online and mark 'Attend Meetup' on the website, you will receive email updates on change of time or venue and see which other members are planning to attend.

Meetups are held in public places and we strongly recommend that you read the Meetup Terms before you attend.

If you want to find out what happens on a typical meetup, read this blog post by Jackie Elton.

Plan your own meetup

Just as easy as joining in, you can plan and host your own meetup.  Remember that if you feel any concerns or plans change you can simply let others know and then they will be informed directly. 

And if you are uncertain how to start, why not begin with a monthly informal lunch or drink after a church service? We have written a helpful guide on how to plan such a monthly meetup here.