Be social: local groups and events

Social activities are a great way of engaging with people and exploring your faith with others who are like-minded. There are many events and organisations around the UK for single Christians – from informal meetups and cultural outings to walking groups and holidays. Most are inter-denominational and cover a wide age range.

Events for single Christians

Events are great for socialising, sharing common interests and trying something new.  We've gathered news on up-and-coming events around the country, plus information about Christian holidays, groups and activities.

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Local groups for single Christians

Joining a group can be a rewarding way for single Christians to forge new friendships and relationships. There’s a wide variety of groups and organisations around the UK offering activities to suit different interests and age groups.

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Christian Connection Meetups

Christian Connection members can use the Meetups service to plan, promote and host events. Meetups are a great way to find like-minded single Christians to do things with, plus they're free to attend! Past events have included walks, evening meals and pub lunches, bowling trips and social drinks.

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Why not start your own local group?

If there are no groups in your area for single Christians, it’s worth considering starting one of your own.  This is not as hard, or as daunting, as you might imagine. You just have to be clear about what you want to achieve. Here we guide you through the various options.

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Organise a meetup after church

Many single Christians say their least favourite part of Sunday is leaving church alone. One solution is to get together with other church members for a meal or drink after the service – you need to eat, so why not do it with others?

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