Working towards a single friendly church

Single Christians told us in a survey that the best churches for single adults are those that make no differentiation between people based on their marital status - whether 'single never married', married, divorced or widowed. They also felt more included when the church programme took singleness into account in sermons and social events.

Working towards a single friendly church means addressing a number of different aspects of  church and community life. This section reveals what people say about churches and church leaders and also how  to find out whether the congregation is representative of the local area and whether it needs to do more to attract single people.  There's also a discussion on the word 'family',  as that sometimes puts single and childless couples off.  


What makes a single friendly church

Single Christians want to play a full and equal part in church life, to be included in a range of social activities and events and for services to acknowledge singleness.

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What single Christians say make great leaders

Great leaders take action and they also have certain personal attributes. This was discovered in our 3,000 person survey of single Christians.

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Is your congregation representative of the local area?

One in three adults in the UK is single. Does this reflect your local population? Here we show you how to use the Office for National Statistics data to determine the marital status of those living in your parish or area.

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All in the family?

Churches often have a strong focus on the family – but is it putting off single people? And is it even Biblical? David Pullinger takes a closer look.

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Do you know the marital status of your congregation?

What are the proportions of married and single people attending your church?  Why not conduct an audit to find out?

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Learning from larger churches?

What leaders of smaller congregations can learn from larger churches to keep single members happy and committed.

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