When are churches good places for single Christians?

Churches that do not differentiate between people based on their marital status are good places to be for single adults. The survey also revealed specific attributes and aspects of church life that enable singles to play a full and active part.


Marital status is not an issue

Some 18% of respondents who made positive comments said that the church is a good place when it doesn't differentiate in any way between people based on their marital status, whether 'single never married', married, divorced or widowed.

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Churches are experienced as being:

Accepting, welcoming, involving, supporting, inclusive, loving, acting as family and friendly. These are the positive attributes identified in our survey that make church a good place to be.

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There are:

Other single people in church. This is number one in the top ten aspects of church life appreciated by single Christians.  The list also includes social events, groups, single leaders as role models and including singleness in prayers and preaching.

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