Our people and collaborations

Our people


The Directors of Single Christians

Jackie Elton is an entrepreneur who has set up small businesses and charities. In the Christian arena, she is most known for www.christianconnection.com, an online dating service that has enabled many single Christians to meet partners across the globe. She is single and attends St. Paul's Church, Hammersmith. You can find out more about Jackie, her motivation and how the church can be a better place for single Christians here.

Joff Williams is a designer and communicator whose involvement with Christian Connection began in 2008. He provides technical and communications expertise, has led off-line advertising campaigns, festival sponsorship and also writes blogs.

Dr David Pullinger FRSA is the UK’s leading researcher on singleness and religion. He speaks on singleness at retreats, conferences and major Christian festivals. He has held senior posts in commercial, church and government organisations, introducing innovative services now used by millions in the UK and around the world. David is the author of ‘A Desire to Belong: thinking about single people in the Church’ (available from the author at david@singlefriendlychurch.com) and 'Online Dating: Top Tips for Success' as well as the research reports found on this website. He attends a local church in Wimbledon.

Funding and sponsoring

We are happy to help fund events, projects and research that are aligned with out Mission and Aims.  We have already funded various aspects of events, talks and research.  If you are interested, please contact us at info@singlechristians.co.uk.

Collaborating and cooperating

Other organisations who share our aims and with whom we are pleased to work:

Christian Connection the UK's leading Christian dating website and which ran the first survey.

Christian Vision for Men introduces UK men to the gospel and co-funded the YouGov survey on the numbers of men and women of different marital status that attend church for the purposes of worship.

Engage - Making Christian Marriage Possible is a collective initiative to make singleness or marriage a genuine choice for all Christians, by means of helping form a gender-balanced church that teaches healthy Christian singleness, dating and marriage.